The Oboe in Berlin

The Oboe in Berlin

Avant-garde away from the court
Throughout his life, Frederick the Great’s musical tastes remained firmly rooted in the gallant Neapolitan style. The “young savages” of the court orchestra grew increasingly weary of this musical monoculture, and so a new independent music scene developed away from the court in Berlin, which was completely in tune with the times and also liked to venture into new things. Xenia Löffler, the “Queen of the Baroque oboe” (BR-KLASSIK), presents on her new album for ACCENT a fine selection of oboe sonatas and colourfully scored chamber music from the rich Berlin repertoire with works by Bach’s two sons Carl Philipp Emanuel and Wilhelm Friedemann as well as Schaffrath, Janitsch and Matthes.

Xenia Löffler (Oboe)
Daniel Deuter (Violine)
Michael Bosch (Oboe)
Katharina Litschig (Cello)
Györgyi Farkas (Bassoon)
Felix Görg (Violone)
Michaela Hasselt (Cembalo)


Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach (1714 – 1788)
Sonata for Oboe & Basse continuo (Wq 135) in G minor

  1. Adagio
  2. Allegro
  3. Vivace

Christoph Schaffrath (1709 – 1763)
Quartet for 2 Oboes, Violin et Basso continuo (CSWV D:6) in E flat major

  1. Allegro
  2. Largo
  3. Allegro

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710 – 1784)
Siciliano for Oboe, Bassoon et Basso continuo in A minor

  1. Siciliano

Carl Ludwig Matthes (1751 – ??)
Sonata for Oboe et Basso continuo in E flat major

  1. Allegro
  2. Adagio
  3. Allegretto

Johann Gottlieb Janitsch (1708 – 1762)
Sonata da Camera for Oboe, Violin et Basso continuo in B flat minor

  1. Larghetto
  2. Allegretto
  3. Vivace

Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach
Sonata (after Wq 163) for Oboe da caccia, Violoncello piccolo et Basso continuo in F major

  1. Un poco andante
  2. Allegretto
  3. Allegro

Daniel Deuter

D. Deuter, X. Löffler, Michael Bosch

Györgyi Farkas

G. Farkas, M. Hasselt, F. Görg, K. Litschig

Katharina Litschig

Michaela Hasselt

X. Löffler, M. Hasselt, Felix Görg

Xenia Löffler