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„A word should go, too, to Xenia Löffler, whose liquid-gold oboe-playing is a perfect foil for Faust’s busy violin in BWV1060 and a perfect match for its aching beauty of the Sinfonia from Cantata No 21. In short, without being tempted to eccentricity, these performances reveal keen musical minds constantly at work.“

(Gramophone Magazin)

„… the third ‘theme’ of the disc [Venice – The Golden Age] is undoubtedly the superb oboe-playing of Xenia Löffler, as smooth and swellingly expressive in slow movements as it is ripplingly agile in quicker ones. It is masterly playing and this disc is her triumph.“

(Gramophone Magazin UK)

„The oboist Xenia Löffler, the impressive soloist, played with elegance and flair.“

(New York Times)

„This was borne out by the Akamus performance,… which might have been billed as the Xenia Löffler Show. Löffler is the group’s principal oboist, and as in their 2005 tour, her consummate musicianship and excellent command of a sometimes unruly instrument were featured in a concerto, this time by C.P.E. Bach.“

(Ionarts Washington)

„Oboist Xenia Löffler moved downstage for two works, one on each half of the program. Both Alessandro Marcello’s Concerto in D minor and Vivaldi’s Concerto in C major showcased Löffler’s luscious, fluid tone, which was round and full and delightful. Her technique was clean and virtuosic, especially in the Vivaldi, where the solo oboe part is more like a solo violin part. Her gorgeous sound made it possible for her to use vibrato in a true Baroque style—as an embellishment, making each of those moments tantalizing for an audience that is used to hearing plenty of frequency change all of the time. The partnership between Löffler and the orchestra strengthened each moment of musical communication, and a pile-up of false cadences in the second movement of the Marcello made the eventual ending even more satisfying.“

(Kansas City’s Online Journal of the Arts)

„Xenia Löffler managed all of this with virtuosity and an impressive gamut of tone color, ranging from the lyrical to the throaty.“

(New York Arts)

„Le tout dessine un panorama séduisant de la musique appreciée à la cour du roi de Prusse, servi par une étincelante Xenia Löffler.“


„De leerschool van soliste Xenia Löffler was de Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, dan weet je het wel: topniveau.“


„Stabilité et justesse dans le son, grain envoûtant et chaud, ornementation savamment dosée et d’une virtuosité exemplaire, elle incarne à merveille la nouvelle génération de hautboïstes baroqueux.“

(Agora Vox)